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Brave Warriors Of India| Republic Day Special

The air we breath in, The earth we live on. Free of all sin,  Possible because of your sacrifice.  Bhagat Singh, courageous and brave,  Was not the British’s slave,  Devoted to his country,  He fought hard and made history.  The brave, fearless, and bold, Subash Chandra Bose,  Son of our mother India's soil.  Who paved the way,  Because of whom the British's plans were foiled. The warrior, the leader,  The sepoy, who made the enemies run for their life  The martyr who had to strive,  Mangal Pandey, the hero of Modern India. Many others made the supreme sacrifice of their lives,  because of them, we are enjoying the quality of life.  It was all possible because of your sacrifice.
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Journey To Earth

  "Land!" Anjali, our captain shouted. Our rocket abruptly halted and settled.  Finally, we had reached our destination. It was the year of 2500, maybe 2600. I lost count after 2010. We, a secret agency planned to reach an unidentified planet with the help of the government.  Nobody but us and the government knew this.  Nobody . We started in 2016. None of us aged, it probably might have been 100 years since we set off. Food? Water? Supplies?  We already found out a chemical which works in space and  only  space. It creates many things, though they have to be registered and must go through many tests. It's a long process. Well, I didn't yet tell why we are doing this, right? We found aliens. They call themselves "Humans". And we're "Lumens". Coincidence? Maybe. As alien biology was always my space of interest, I knew everything about the habitat. I looked at Olivia who was jumping joyfully. Swati, on the other hand, was serious and contacting o

The Weird Word

This story would’ve been ‘My Normal Life- Part 4’ but it’s actually about my brother. So…… yeah… let’s get started. It was a normal day at Mayoor school Shaurya, a nursery grade student -my brother- walked up to his teacher with a troubling thought. "Maam!" The teacher, Mrs. Sarika Chawla looked up from her work at the little child. “Yes, Shaurya?” “I saw this word somewhere… can you tell the meaning of it?” “Sure, kid.” Shaurya stepped forward. “The word... it was… it was…” Mrs. Chawla rolled her eyes. “Ask me when you remember. Now go back to your seat.” Shaurya shook his head. “Maam! The word was ‘loohcs’.” I know, right! Like... how does he even come up with these kind of things? “Looks means ‘appearance.’ Now go back to your seat and let me check these notebooks.” Mrs. Sarika said, trying to send the boy away. “Maam! The spelling was L- O- O- H- C- S.” Mrs. Chawla frowned. “Eh? What word is that?” She thought. “Maam, what does it mean?” Mrs.

My Normal Life Part-3

Yes, this is the third part of my normal life.  But this ain't normal.  Well, maybe it might have happened with every other elder sister who was left alone with a small 2-year-old cousin who is the most mischievous kid ever. Allow me to explain. So as everyone says, 'It was a normal bright day'. Except it was windy. My Aunt and her son, Jai came from England to India a few days ago. I hadn't met Jai for a year so he was a bit shy at first (Why does this happen with every other younger brother I have?). But being shy lasted for an hour only. He became truly loud after that. Well, back to the day I was talking about. Yeah, the windy one. So mom and aunt left for the market in the afternoon. Dad was at the office as usual. I was left alone with my siblings- Srishti and Shaurya and of course, Jai. Well, when they three come together with, its havoc. So I made them sleep. Good thing Shaurya and Srishti fall asleep fast. So I just had Jai to ta