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Regarding inactivity

Hi everyone, It's been long since I've posted here. Regarding the inactivity, I am in the process of writing a web novella which I would be sharing shortly, upon completion. I have also posted on my school's blog. A short story I wrote a while back. ... And a poem 2021 had been a great year of discovering my own self, and my skills. I am determined to be back with better plots, better dialogues, and better stories.  Thank you for your support!  Happy New Year ~ Siya Batra
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A Fall In The Pit- Sibling War

“Don’t you dare touch my pen!” Dhruv shouted at his sister. Tara rolled her eyes, “Please, you leaked five of my pens, and now I have none left! Let me use one for a while! I have to take notes for this class!” Nishi rolled her eyes, “You guys never stop fighting! Just cooperate with each other!” “Never!” both the siblings spoke. “Come on, Nishi, they’re gonna bicker forever. Let’s go, our biology teacher won’t like it if we arrive late.” Madhav sighed and got up. They both left the two alone. “I hate you,” Tara muttered. “I hate you more.” And with that, both parted to their classes. »»————- ♡ ————-«« Tara’s P.O.V. The class was almost over and I was dying to go home.  “Students, I have an announcement to make.” Our teacher said, diverting everyone. She continued, “The School trip will be taking place soon!” THE BEST ANNOUNCEMENT THIS WHOLE YEAR!! Everyone started cheering. “This year, we’ll be going to a camp for 3 days, and 2 nights, and will team up with another class!”  My heart f

In Space| Part 1- Helping An Alien

“On the bright side, I wouldn’t have to go to school tomorrow!” With this thought, I slowly drifted to sleep not caring that I just got kidnapped.  A loud thud interrupted my dreams and I sat up immediately. “You have no idea how many rules I’m breaking, but my Human Studies exam is tomorrow and I need help.” A guy shouted, somewhat scared. I scanned around myself. I was in a small room with all the windows covered with curtains, and a small door. “Cool, just explain where on Earth are we?” I said, trying to act calm but my expression said the opposite. “We’re… not on Earth…” He rubbed his nape. Haha, so humorous. I have a test today and someone thinks it’s a good idea to play pranks.  “Nice. Funny prank. I’m not in the mood for this. Just let me go, I have a test today.” I got up and opened the curtains to look outside. The view stunned me. Earth. From outer space. Exactly like I had seen in books-  It was beautiful. I was in awe. I looked back at the weird guy. “Yeah… I should introd