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Room 76

"This is the only place we could afford. Shut up." Udit snapped. “And it’s only for a few days until we get our hostel.” "Ugh! Whatever!" Aditi rolled her eyes. "But I could do good with a better place than this." Bhavana stood quiet. "We told them to not trek at this time," Divij whispered to her. The four friends from Delhi reached Dehradun on a windy evening. They debated whether they should stay or trek to Mussoorie. Optimistically, Udit and Aditi led the group forward. The wind grew stronger and started a storm. Helpless, they urgently started finding a hotel to stay for the night. As they stepped in, a weird feeling passed through Bhavana. As if someone was watching them. She walked to the reception where a young lady was sitting. "Good evening, can we get a room?" Bhavana politely asked. The receptionist looked up at her with a sweet smile. "What type of room would you like, ma'am?" Aditi spoke up. "A room with four singl…
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Raksha Bandhan Special

Raksha Bandhan Special Inseparable twins Collaboration With Eco- Friendly Writer (Surat) Link To Her Blog
The bell rang, and like every other day, Mrs Sherly sent Ritu to the staff room to bring her the attendance register. She ran towards the staff room, trying not to miss her lunch.  Sighing, she headed back to her classroom that’s when she sighted Ritesh, her brother crying and two guys towering and laughing at him. Ritu boiled up and shouted, “Stop it, you two! How many times have I told you not to bully students, eh?” Seeing the vice head girl, the two boys ran away not wanting to get into hot water. Ritu asked sympathetically, “Ritesh, what happened?” Her brother turned pale and ran away. Ritu was left baffled. The bell rang. ‘Here goes my lunch again’ She rolled her eyes and headed to class. ~ “Ms Ritu, may I know what interests you out of the window more than my class?” The teacher asked sweetly (yeah, sarcastically). She hadn't been paying attention. Ritu stood up. “I’m sorry Ma’am.” The …